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Bay Street Church of God in Christ (The City of Refuge and Praise) has been ministering to the people of the Metro Orlando area for over 67 years. Our church has always had man’s best interest at heart. Our prayer and confidence is that we will make a mark that will last into eternity. We are a Pentecostal church with its roots grounded within the Church of God in Christ (Memphis, TN). If you are not already involved in a church, we invite you to see what we're about…

Bay Street Church of God in Christ is a church where people can discover their purpose. It is a place where all races can experience God in new and different ways as described in God’s Holy Word.

Bay Street “Family Church” is a church where family needs are met. We endeavor to touch the lives of men and women everywhere. We firmly believe in the family structure and hold those values to be true as echoed in God’s Holy Word.

Our purpose as a ministry is to Exalt God, Evangelize the lost, and to Edify and Equip believers to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

Our Call for Civic Welfare

Our concept of human welfare is broad. We are committed to helping people overcome barriers to full participation in society. We pursue strategies of "service, advocacy, and empowerment" for meeting basic human needs and promoting democratic participation for people everywhere.

We firmly believe that God created earth for mankind. We seek to inform, empower and equip this generation through instruction and example to appreciate the environment thereby restoring what has been broken and conserving that, which is left as that future generations will be able to enjoy Mother Earth.

We are committed to civil and human rights. We believe that God created all men equal and that no person should be discriminated against for any reason. We believe that humans have rights, and should be afforded the opportunity to enjoy those rights.

In a world where suffering and poverty is evident, we demonstrate, through our many services, that God created us for a mission, and that mission is to serve our fellow man who is less fortunate than the other. We proudly provide services to the disadvantaged while we work for delivering services that meet basic human needs. We firmly believe in the “power” of “empowerment” through education. We believe that if we equip those who are less fortunate, that they will develop the “power” to achieve beyond their greatest imagination.

We strive to exemplify excellence and balance in all that we do:

  • We are Passionate, Artistic and Reverent in our worship.
  • We are Practical, Relevant and Creative in our presentation of Biblical truth.
  • We are Diligent in equipping the Saints for the work of the ministry.
  • We are Intentional in our efforts to evangelize our city, nation and world.
  • We are Genuine in our demonstration of God’s love and compassion for the hurting.

We are Christ Centered, Bible Based,
Life Directed and Purpose Driven!

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